About Us

What You Need To Know About Our Company

 At Somfish, we own a fleet of fishing & transport vessels, and high-capacity cold storages.

We also have a staff of 50 highly qualified employees and have build a solid base of
clients from all across the world including our main clients who are in Yemen and the

What We Do

 We have the capacity and manpower to not only catch several fish but store them, as we own a fleet of fishing & transport vessels as well as high-capacity cold storages.

This ensures that our fish products are always
fresh and thus safe for human consumption. Our staff are well-versed in the different varieties of fish and in the best storage and transportation practices.

Additional Services We Offer

Here at Somfishing Company, we also offer:
1. Fishing Training.
2. Selling of fishing Equipment.

1. Fish Training

Somalia’s fishing industry is relatively young and lacking in modern fishing skills.

The lack of fishing skills works against the traditional fishermen who cannot earn enough to buy such equipment.

To improve the livelihoods of the Somali fishermen, we also train fishermen on modern ways of fishing using modern equipment.

Our fishing training includes modern fishing techniques and technology, boat maintenance and boat monitoring, data training on handling and processing fish, from fish storage to inspection and transporting.

2. Selling Fishing Equipment

Currently, the fisheries sector in Somalia is yet to be capitalized to its full potential. Since most fishermen use traditional means of fishing, it means that the fish caught has to be sold quickly.

Thus over 90% of the fish caught by Somali fishermen is often sold locally. This means that the fishermen do not enjoy higher returns because they cannot export their fish to other countries.

We at Somfish Company, also sell modern fishing equipment. Therefore, we are also at the forefront of introducing decent fishing technologies, fish processing equipment, and improved storage systems to aid fishermen in modernizing their fishing practices.